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7 Web Design Trends to Boost ROI

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7 Web Design Trends to Boost ROI

In an age where businesses rely on websites as the principal point of encounter with their potential customers, having a well-designed website is no longer something optional. To get the most out of your website in terms of conversions, traffic, and search engine ranking, you need to keep up with the prevailing web design trends, as they are an accurate representation of what audiences want and expect from a website. Failing to take these trend into account when designing a website will give your competitors a free advantage, which is something you cannot afford in today’s competitive online environment.

7 Web Design Trends to Boost ROI

The problem with trends is that there are so many of them at any given point, that it becomes hard to distinguish between the ones you ought to be following, and the ones which are merely fads not worthy of your time. To help you figure out which trends you should implement in your website design, take a look at the guide we have prepared below.

UX Focus

The experience of using a website is what determines whether a site visitor will become a lead, or bounce to somewhere else on the web. This is the core idea behind UX-based design, a contemporary trend that puts the user experience at the forefront of web design. Experience-centric websites are easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, easy to share on social media, and informative in terms of content.

Content First

Visitors might enjoy the experience of using your website, but what they are ultimately after is you content, according to the contemporary content-first approach in web design. Without content to back it up, your site effectively has nothing to offer to potential visitors. Conversely, if you take the effort to provide interesting and relevant content, your visitors are much more likely to keep hanging around.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization refers to the process of making your website more search engine friendly, in order to obtain higher rankings on search engine result pages for relevant keywords. It is currently the hottest trend in online marketing. With a proper SEO strategy in place, a website stands to gain better conversion rates, higher traffic, and increased site authority through backlinks. SEO can be scaled to fit any budget and level of technical expertise, which is why everyone is using it, from large corporate sites, to small business web pages.

Responsive Design

Another trend that has been hitting the online news lately is responsive design. In essence, responsive design is a set of rules and practices for creating websites that render equally well on various kinds of devices, especially portables. Ever since Google announced the introduction of its mobile-first index, websites owners have been scrambling to optimize their websites for mobile devices, and further investing in website development has proven to be fruitful. This is one of the trends that has been backed by data the most: more than 50% internet traffic is currently coming from portable devices, and the number is likely to increase as time goes on. When implementing the principles of responsive, be sure take into account all elements of your brand, including images, logo design, color scheme, etc.

Enhanced Security

With the recent wave of high-profile cyber-attacks, online security has been on the mind of many consumers. The increasing awareness for online security has prompted a new, safety-centric trend in web design. If a website is perceived as not being secure enough, visitors will be much less likely to share their data, which can be exceptionally detrimental for ecommerce businesses. To counteract this, modern websites should encrypt their communication with users, use the latest versions of various website components, and use all precautions when handling sensitive user data.

Data-driven Design

Data-driven design is another promising trend that website owners should be aware of. With the rise in prominence of services such as Google Analytics, it is now easier than ever to keep track of relevant site-related data, including interactions per visit, bounce rate, lead generation costs, and others. This information can be used as a reference for implementing design and content changes that can lead to increases in relevant metrics.


The most crucial web design trend to follow, is the trend of following trends. Technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace, and in order to keep up, website owners have to keep up with what is current in terms of content, design, SEO, security, etc. While some businesses can afford to go against trends, for most website owners it is better to stay within the confines of what has been proven to work.


With more than a billion websites currently being hosted on the web, originality seems to be the way to go when it comes to web design. While this is true to an extent, it is equally important to keep track of the latest web design trends, as they will tell you what the audiences are looking for, and how to give them more of what they want.

Explainer Video – The Answer for the Need for More Traffic

Explainer Video – The Answer for the Need for More Traffic

Unique videos have the ability to explain exactly what your company does, what it has to offer and what it can produce, with everything covered in a span of 2 or 3 minutes, in the simplest and easiest way possible. It increases the chances that your target audience is going to purchase your product or choose your services. These videos are usually called animated explainer video. Today, you can find a lot of companies that specialize in creating explainer video. Choosing the best explainer video creator will depend on your budget and the specific needs of your company.

Explainer videos are being used by a lot of people, not only companies that have their own websites. Such videos also come in handy during meetings, book trailers, blogs, kickstarter campaigns, and others. Inspirational speakers also use these videos most of the time as a form of fast and powerful PowerPoint presentation. A lot of non-profit organizations also enjoy the benefits that these videos have to offer. n fact, anyone who wants to share an idea that they want people to remember for a long time will find an explainer video very helpful. It is much easier to remember ideas that came from such videos since these are witty, concise and cleverly animated.

Explainer Video - The Answer For The Need For More Traffic.

Why do these videos work in the first place? An explainer video works because people are now used to watching different media content online. The truth is, 100 million individuals watch online videos every single day. About 80% of people who claimed that they visited a site and watched the whole explainer video said that they can remember 90% of the content of the site.

Videos now rank highest in search engine results. Video results can be found in around 70 percent of the 100 top ranks in Google. Explainer videos have a very big impact on the world of retail. 4 out of 10 customers visit an online shop as a direct result of watching an explainer video.

Products are now getting more and more specialized these days and explainer videos can present a message that people will be more than eager and willing to listen to.

So, how can an explainer video actually get more traffic to your website, then? Research revealed that 75 percent of today’s business executives claim that they watch online videos at least once every week that then increases business to business sales. Most of the time, they watch videos on YouTube that make them more likely to visit the website of the marketer. The quickest and most effective method for generating new leads for the local businesses is through the use of explainer videos. Such videos can be easily shared with about 68 percent of viewers polled stated that they really share these videos that is why it is very possible for one video to go viral. It also leads to digital word of mouth.

Needless to say, an explainer video is not merely a wave of the future as it is now making a big impact to today’s world.


Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Why SEO Simplified is one of the Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

When it comes to Internet Marketing, SEO is a fantastic way to get targeted traffic to your website or blog if you know what you are doing. There are many people who overcomplicate the process or go overboard when it comes to doing SEO for their website.

You don’t need teams of writers from around the world guest blogging for you in order to get lots of backlinks to your websites to rank for a keyword.  In fact, many of these methods now get penalised by Google and you could actually find that your site disappears altogether from Google if they think you are gaming the system.

Two friends I know were doing this. One got his income up to $40,000 per month; the other got their website up to $70k per month in commissions, selling products in the health and diet industry.  It took about six months to grow the site to where a considerable income was coming in.  It made money for about 6 to 8 months before Google completely deindexed it.

The 70k site managed to give good results for two years, maybe because the webmaster was a doctor and this probably give him more credibility with Google.  He had a team of about 20 writers either blogging on his website or guest posting on other high ranking authority blogs before Google hit them hard and their sites disappeared.

I have a mentor who has made over 100 million dollars online. He makes one 5 page website and ranks it for one main keyword.  He says that he never posts backlinks on other blogs or websites, though he does recommend sharing it on social media and pinging it in the search engines using a good ping list. There is also a few other settings he changes on WordPress.

It is very important when listening to information about SEO that it is from someone credible who understands exactly how SEO works. There is a lot of old information out there on the internet, that if followed could end up having a negative effect on your website. In fact in many cases could get you de-indexed completely.

Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Remember great content on your website is a good SEO strategy that keeps everything simplistic and clean. People want great relevant content and information when they visit your website. So give your readers exactly what they want and you are already more than halfway there.

Anything else you need to know about SEO can be learned. Great SEO targeting can and will definitely make the difference between being broke, surviving or living an abundant internet marketing lifestyle.  Though there are many other methods of getting targeted traffic online.  This is one strategy that should never be overlooked.

Want to find out more about SEO? I recently came across this article you may find interesting written by Philip Bradley it is called How to master SEO in 2016 .  Please feel free to post any comments or questions you have below  🙂

Why SEO Simplified- Is One Of The Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Get all the best Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing Tools in one place

Get all the Best Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing tools in one place

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the best and after many years of blogging and internet marketing I decided that I needed a website that was mainly about blogging and internet marketing.

That was when I decided to launch my new website I have put lots of great tips on the blog for bloggers and for marketing online.

I have also created a page on the blog with the top internet marketing tools that I use in my online business as well. Yes, you can save years of trials and error by learning what actually works from me. Yes, I have already done the hard part; buying and testing the products and services.

So you don’t have to make the mistakes I did :-).  If that wasn’t already enough, I thought to myself what are the things that really hold people up when it comes to marketing online? It’s normally a lack of time, needing content like articles, videos, blog posts created or scheduled, and doing social media posts. (Social media management)

You need to also understand how social media works and be able to use it to attract customers to your website, business, products and/or services. The great thing is we can do it all for you. Set up all your social media accounts, manage your social media accounts, create your blog posts, articles, videos etc.

Get all the best Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing Tools in one place

Get all the best Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing Tools in one place

We can even create the sales copy for your website or blog.

One of the things that stops people in their tracks when it comes to running a successful business is excuses, the thing is, we have set up a system to take all of the excuses out of the picture. We can do practically everything for you, apart from telling your life story.  (Which we could do of course, with a little help from you.)

So if your business is needing an online boost then you need to make sure you visit .

Let’s keep your online business and life as simple as possible! On the other hand, if you want to get into the trenches and do a lot of the work yourself,  we can coach you on how to do that too.

There was never a better time to get your business on the internet than today so let’s get you started.

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Get All The Best Blogging Tips And Internet Marketing Tools In One Place

The Best Google Keyword Tool

The Best Google Keyword Tool

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The Best Google Keyword Tool

Why Using The Right Internet Marketing Tools Will Change Your Online Business

Why Using The Right Internet Marketing Tools Will Change Your Online Business

When it comes to building a business online the tools you use can have a dramatic effect on how your business looks or performs.

Yes there are certain things that require some thought and manual labour but a lot of the things which can have a huge effect on your business can be be software automation tools and even WordPress plugins.

In fact the last couple of weeks even I have found so many great tools I decided to do a team webinar next Wednesday for anyone who is in my Kalatu Premium downline.  If you are not a member you can join by going to

Some of the things I am talking about that can change your business would be WP plugins that get you more Optins or subscribers.  Autoresponders to keep your list and automate sending out emails, Cool video software that does different things. Shopping carts that help you to list products make upsells and much more.

But if you are trying to build an online business without the essential tools you need then you are scaling a huge mountain without a rope.  Not something that I would recommend you do.  I hope by reading this post today I can save you some time.  Some energy and most of all some money but not buying junk you really don’t need.  Whilst getting the essentials too.

I do think anyone running their own online business should at the bare minimum at least have their own blog or website.  Obviously you need a hosting account and a few other tools depending on what method of online marketing you decide to do.

Without the right Internet Marketing tools the truth is you are maybe saving a few pennies but you could also render your work ineffective by just doing some basic simple mistakes.

One thing that I have learned is the majority of top earners I have met have a list of certain tools that they use in their business.  And would not even dream of running their business without them.   Yes there are some products and or services in the online marketplace that are fluff. Yes you maybe have absolutely no need for them.

I remember before I started paying for courses and trainings by successful people. Yes I used to be in the Free Club.  I thought because the Internet was free then I should be able to make money on the Internet for free.   The truth is when you attract people looking for freebies all the time nobody pays a dime. And you and all the Free Internet marketers looking to make a gazillion dollars for free all end up broke and frustrated.

Which isn’t a good way to be, on the other hand people that realise everything doesn’t come for free attract other people with the same mindset too. When this happens soon everyone starts ending up making commissions on products, training’s and services.  Remember if you are trying to make money online would you like to work all day for someone to come at the end of the day and get a free product?  If that happens every day you will end up working for a boss making their dreams come true instead of your own. As no one can afford to work for free all the time?

If you are looking to know what stuff I use and recommend in my own business then make sure you visit my other website.


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Why Using The Right Internet Marketing Tools Will Change Your Online Business

5 Must Have Free Tools For Your Internet Marketing Business

5 Must Have Free Tools For Your Internet Marketing Business


1. Create Your Own Fancy Quotes  Here

2. Create Viral Facebook Photos or for your website at

3. Create Cool Pictures at

4. Schedule your appointments on autopilot at

5. Get a free website for your business 100% Free


5 Must Have Free Tools For Your Internet Marketing Business

You Tube Alternatives

You Tube Alternatives

I am a big fan of You Tube for getting traffic your videos or websites but using You Tube is risky if you are promoting an online business as a lot of business models can go against You Tube’s terms of services.

Therefore, if you really want to keep your videos safe then you need to do it using Your own video hosting account.


If you where starting a restaurant you probably would not want to start it in your next door neighbours garden would you? Unfortunatel many people start an online business and put all their best content on You Tube Vimeo or some of the other free video services.

Of which they have no control, putting control your content on other people servers is a very risky way to run an online business.  If after posting videos for weeks months or years  your You Tube, Vimeo Account gets deleted all your work has gone down the drain.

So I recommend you use another hosting option like this software which uses Amazon s3 your own paid hosting service.

Or in the video below there is another alternative I talk about as well.


Here Is The Software I Use


Here is Wistia


Hope you found this information useful  🙂


You Tube Alternatives

Why Local SEO Is Important, Especially In the Guildford Area

Why Local SEO Is Important, Especially In the Guildford Area

If you have a new business or website in the Guildford area and you’re considering how potential customers will find it, it is in your duty to ensure that your business or website can be easily found. In order to succeed, any business that serves a certain location & its adjoining areas, having a website that is optimized locally is essential. If you happen to be in a locality and wish to be found on Google for that specific location, your web pages should be optimized for that local area.

You should bear in mind that running a campaign without giving priority to local SEO may not yield expected results, as you could be missing all the traffic that should be yours. You need to help the customers on your doorstep to find you when they’re using search engines. This means there is a need for a targeted SEO campaign, whereby you target your immediate and local audience; especially from the locality you are most relevant. This is because Google usually lists those businesses which are in closest proximity to the search terms and location entered. 

If you start a local SEO campaign, especially in the Guildford area, the effect is that your website will be indexed very strongly to the Guildford area. When anyone runs a search that contains your keywords in combination with your locality string “Guildford”, it is highly probable that your website will pop up to the top of the first result page of the search engine. If your business is deemed to have local intent behind it and you have catered for the local SEO need, you would be missing out on all that volume of local traffic. Google provides its users with the most personal and localized results. An SEO company Guildford can help you fully optimize your business for more exposure.

It is common knowledge that the success of any online campaign is solely dependent on relevant traffic. The more traffic you generate, the more leads you record, giving more sales and profit. Embarking on local SEO will ensure that you capture not only national traffic, but also local traffic. Relevance is key.

Local SEO entails a few different strategies among which are; on-site local SEO, off-site local optimization, content marketing for local, local profiles, reviews and citations among others. Local SEO should not be overlooked as it forms the backbone of any viable and rewarding campaign. More often than not, website optimization can be a difficult task due to the volume of different approaches and methods that can be employed. 

However, an SEO company Guildford will be a specialist company in local search engine optimization (SEO) for that area which will help to optimize your website, making it discoverable, and therefore, it builds its online presence. Take a look at this website for more information on how localized SEO can benefit you.

Why Local SEO Is Important, Especially In the Guildford Area

Will A Free Website Bring More Customers To Your Business

Will A Free Website Bring More Customers To Your Business



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Will A Free Website Bring More Customers To Your Business